About Travesias

Travesias is literally translated in english to "Travels", The owner Brian "Fresco" Martinez has traveled to many countries throughout the world and always made sure to try the top rated restaurants as well as the traditional "street" type food the country had to offer. Travesias - Latin Fusion Cuisine is a reflection of a few of the many countries he has been to and/or are planning to visit in the near future. It was also the birth of a new concept and culinary style that fused together different spices, culinary techniques, traditional dishes, etc from around the world with another. The idea was simple yet innovative, Travesias has brought together Latin with Asian, Latin with Indian  and even Latin with Latin. It's a groundbreaking concept with amazing flavors and combinations that will take you and your palate to places you have never been.

The Birth of a Concept
The idea was simple; provide a comfortable and unique place to escape from the stress of everyday life, to relax and enjoy a fun, casual dining experience that features popular recipes, spices and culinary techniques from around the world. We serve a unique fusion of dishes, spices and techniques from all over the world that will have your palate take you to places you never knew existed. Our goal is to bring cultural awareness through gastronomy to The Bronx. We will introduce our guests to flavors they have never experienced or thought could even go well together.

“Travesias translated is a voyage or crossing, or in essence to travel, thus the bike motif! When you dine here, it is like you have ventured off to other lands or to an incredible international food festival!”
Bailey Provetto - Tastyladiesnyc

Travesias NYC | Tasty Ladies Bronx

Tasty Ladies Ny Presented Owner Brian Martinez and Chef Dario Morillo of Travesias with the "Tasty Lady Best New Restaurant of the Bronx 2015" tonight! Giving them a 5 star rating and calling them a "magical cuisine voyage around the world" that is raising the bar on dining in the Bronx!
Travesias open their doors in the summer of 2015 and have been a culinary success in the Throggs Neck Area of the Bronx ever since! They recently participated in the 1st Annual Throggs Neck Restaurant Week which was also the idea of Brian Martinez. From left to right: Founder of Tasty Ladies NY, Bailey Provetto, Travesias owner Brian Martinez, Chef Dario Morillo and Tasty Lady Lourdes Gamez.