Hearty Entrees

Travesias NYC | Entrees

Chuleton de Cerdo $19

Our decadent 1 inch thick cut grilled pork chop served with our Travesias house blend of sautéed vegetables and parsley parmesan yucca fries with our “untradtional" cuban mojo.

Weekend in Boca Chica $35new

Can’t go away this weekend? take a trip with us to the beautiful beaches of Boca Chica. Try this amazingly flakey and juicy Caribbean Red Snapper that is lightly breaded and fried, stuffed with a shrimp mofongo in a bed of our coconut lobster sauce.

Argentinian Gaucho Skirt Steak $24

10 oz Grilled skirt steak served with our cuban black bean moro rice & sweet maduros and our Tropical Chimichurri sauce.

Chile-Asian Sea Bass $30

Pan seared filet of Sea Bass in a lemon butter white wine sauce and topped with a smoked eel sauce served on a bed of Travesías special blend of sautéed vegetables.

Ménage a Taco $20new

Trio of mini naan bread tacos served with one of each: ropa vieja, black cod and shredded chicken with an asian slaw, Travesias secret sauce, avocado mayo & pico de gallo accompanied with Zafran rice and our smoked black bean and corn salsa (vegetarian taco available as substitute).

Sizzling Salmon $26

Lightly Chard grilled salmon topped with sesame-ginger glaze and served on a sizzling platter with our Travesias special blend of sautéed vegetables.

Travesias Cowboy Steak $45

Enough for two, but why share??….Our 24oz Tomahawk grilled 100% Black Angus steak served with sweet potato fries and sautéed vegetables and mixed greens salad in a red wine vinaigrette dressing.

Coconut Curry Chicken $16

Grilled chicken chunks topped with a coconut curry sauce served with a creamy Yautía mash.

Cielo, Mar y Tierra $48

Our triple threat that will guarantee you go home happy - Grilled skirt steak, butter braised Lobster tail and onion and peppers stir fried chicken served with yucca mash.

Travesias Burger $16

Soon to be Famous...100% ground Black Angus beef seasoned with our secret recipe and topped with sweet plantain, melted manchego cheese, crispy applewood bacon served with crispy sweet potato fries accompanied with our avocado and chipotle mayo sauces for dipping. Feeling adventurous? Top it with a fried egg (+$1).

BBQ Rib-Eye $42new

A delicious hickory smoked rub 20oz Rib-eye steak cooked to perfection then smothered with our Travesias Bar-B-Que sauce and served with our five cheese Mac N’ Cheese and applewood bacon wrapped asparagus.

Ox Tail Rissotto $28

Our signature 8 hour slow braised caribbean style Ox tail served over a bed of creamy cheese risotto - we guarantee you will tell at least 7 friends about it.

Camarones ala Mexicana $24

Grilled then sautéed jumbo shrimp with peppers and onions in a creamy chipotle sauce topped with a black bean and corn salsa served with zafran rice.

Travesias Chaufan $22

Our Version of Peruvian style house special fried rice with grilled skirt steak, chicken, maduros, longaniza, peppers and onions - topped with crispy wonton straws and sesame seeds.

Pasta ala Travesias $18

Parppadelle pasta and grilled chicken with roasted tomatoes, fresh spinach in a creamy bacon garlic and red pepper sauce.

Cielo, Mar y Tierra $48

Our triple threat that will guarantee you go home happy - 10oz Grilled skirt steak, 8oz butter braised Lobster tail topped with our lemon butter white wine sauce, 8oz grilled chicken, sautéed onion and peppers served with a mashed yucca cake (croquette).

*Additional Sides*

Maduros - Tostones - Yucca Cake - Yucca Fries - French Fries - Sweet Potato Fries - Yautia Mash Moro Rice - Zafran Rice - Sautéed Vegetables - Naan Bread - Crostini - Avocado - Tri-color Corn Chips